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My aim is to inspire my audience to take charge and create a fulfilling career and personal life without sacrificing their hard-earned success.

Together with my podcast guests, we encourage our listeners to identify ways to lead themselves towards their vision more effectively and to make an impact on the people around them whilst being their best authentic self.

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In the first episode of the Legendary Leaders podcast series, we meet Luke Bullen who shares his story about his path to success, what motivated him along the way, the power of a support network and acknowledging what he needed to do as an introvert to be his best. Luke shares the challenges he encountered along the way and how he overcame and learnt from them; as well as the importance of following your passion and not giving up.
In the second episode of the Legendary Leaders podcast series, we talk to Claire Winter, owner of Cracking Content Where Words Come Alive. Claire tells us about her solo travelling experience that led to her realisation of what she wanted to do with her life, and how she became an entrepreneur and the challenges juggling that and three small children bought.
In the third episode of the Legendary Leaders podcast series, we meet Eleanor Twedell, who set up ‘Another Door’ three years ago initially as a blog following her own experience with redundancy. She now supports people in a similar situation, who are in between one door closing and another opening. Eleanor shares the importance of taking time out, working through what you have achieved and what you want to do next following her ‘Stick, Twist, Bust’ programme. Eleanor also discusses the importance of communities and meeting people particularly when it comes to learning and sharing.
In this fourth episode of the Legendary Leaders podcast series, we talk to Alison Edgar, who is a Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and Speaker. In this enlightening interview, Alison shares her personal insights including the importance of setting a plan and goals when starting out and how her book has created a legacy for her to leave behind for her family. She reminds us of the importance of listening to people around us, keeping ourselves grounded and not believing the hype! Alison talks about the importance of resilience for change and how she deals with failure.
In this fifth podcast episode I chat with Georgina Green – Founder & Owner of Green Tutors which helps to provide educational support to young students, inspiring them to build confidence and pursue their dreams. 
Georgina’s business focuses on personal tuition to students mainly doing their GCSEs in maths and science. She started her career as a scientist and took on additional work tutoring students in that subject and very quickly realised her passion seeing her student’s confidence grow in what they were learning. 
Georgina shares how she inspires students to think about their learning differently and how she engages with them on a personal level to help relate what they’re learning back to their interests. 
In the sixth episode, Business Mentor and Mindset Coach & Podcast Host & Best-Selling Author – Ruth Kudzi, shares the challenges of moving from a corporate role to going it alone and the many challenges that confront us on that journey from fear of failure to imposter syndrome. Ruth provides some refreshing insights including how she learnt to set boundaries, the importance of being authentic to naturally inspire others, and why we should focus more on our impact than our working hours. 

In the seventh podcast of the Legendary Leaders series, owner of LaurieZ yoga and personal training, – Laurie Zupkofska, shares an immensely difficult period of her life she had to go through. Laurie shares the action and steps she took to keep going and find her true self again. We hear some insightful thoughts and useful reminders from Laurie when it comes to taking care of and being kind to ourselves, and how in difficult times, when we really don’t feel like we can ask for help, we should. Laurie touches on how we should surround ourselves with positive, loving and supportive people and be empathetic towards others.

In the 8th podcast of the Legendary Leaders series, we meet Sarah Weiler, owner of Power of Uke, TedX Speaker, Comedian and DJ. Sarah shares some great insights into life and interests and takes us through the ‘carousel’ analogy she uses when it comes to having a varied lifestyle. Sarah redefines focus, explaining that it doesn’t mean having to pick one thing and only do that, but rather ensuring that at any one point in time you focus completely and fully on that one area to give it your all. Sarah also takes us through the unique workshops she runs where people are taken through a process to learn the ukulele, write a song and perform it. She explains the sense of self-belief that the workshops help to create, and the role they play enabling participants to have a bit of fun, loosen up and get into a good mental and interpersonal state for doing their work

In the 9th podcast episode of the Legendary Leaders series we are back with Sarah Weiler, owner of Power of Uke, TedX Speaker, Comedian and DJ. Sarah talks about the tendency to make work harder for ourselves because we feel the need to be ‘too busy’ and almost overwhelmed to prove that we are working hard. Sarah suggests simply allowing ourselves to find something easy and enjoyable and accept it as just that. 
Cathleen shares some great insights into life and how our past shapes our present and how she eventually broke the cycle of remaining stuck. She describes how solo traveling became a part of her healing journey which completely changed her life for the better. As we are heading into a New Year and a new decade, Cathleen encourages her listeners to start this year with deliberate and purposeful intent instead of short-lasting New Year’s resolutions.

In our 11th podcast episode in the Legendary Leaders series, we meet Gareth Davies, Co-Founder of the Bravest Path, who works with organisations, team and individuals to support them to take more smart risks. Through the Bravest Path, Gareth gives clients the tools to practice taking more and more smart risks. He explains how it’s about making decisions in line with your own personal core values, rather than what other people expect you to.

In our 12th podcast episode in the Legendary Leaders series, we meet Ginny Baillie who is one of the first master certified coaches in the UK with over 20 years’ experience of coaching and founder of DRUM. Ginny talks about her current focus on working with self-sustaining and self-developmental organisations. She shares some guiding principles which is to be aware that we’re needed not possibly wanted at the beginning and wanted but not possibly needed at the end of the coaching process. 

In the 13th podcast episode of the Legendary Leaders series, we chat with Alisa Barcan, founder and owner of the Savvy Corner. As a Certified Chartered Accountant and Coach, Alisa helps people to rewrite their financial situation if they don’t have the confidence to do it themselves. She supports others to create a comfortable financial situation for themselves, looking at the practicalities of money as well as managing their mindset around money.

In the 14th podcast episode of the Legendary Leaders series, we chat with Sarah Rozenthuler, a Chartered Psychologist, leadership consultant, author of two books and founder and CEO of Bridgework.
Sarah outlines Bridgework’s purpose which is to build bridges through better communication between leaders and leadership teams, to enhance collaboration and collective intent. Sarah’s aim is to help people connect and see the uniqueness in each other and to enable the creation of fresh ideas and new insights.
The 15th podcast episode of the Legendary Leaders series sees Cathleen chatting with Sandra Hilton, who balances her work in Coaching, Coach Supervision and Psychotherapy. Sandra discusses the benefit of her great support network and how these individuals help her to stay connected to herself and that allows her to stay connected to her work. 
Sandra demonstrates her high level of self-awareness and what she does to connect with herself first at the start of the day. She also touches on the common tendency for people to express how busy they are and puts the underlying need to say this down to people wanting to show their value.
Sandra’s coaching business – On Purpose Coaching – is where she works with people to help them to be more connected to their own purpose in life. Sarah explains how many people oppress emotions in order to manage themselves and the problems this then creates, as opposed to facing up to and understanding the emotions.
Sandra shares her varied life and work experience including working on the production of the film Goldeneye and her life living her Russia, through to identifying her passion for mentoring. Sandra emphasises the importance of trusting yourself and to always be kind.

Welcome to episode 16 of Legendary Leaders – The Podcast. In this episode we meet David Florence from the Evolution of Dave. Described as an evolutionary, David tells us about how he decided to make a change to his life after an unexpected hospital visit. He discovered the ‘wim hof’ method, a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and exposure to cold which proved to be a game changer for David. 

Introducing Victoria Smith Murphy as my guest in the 17th episode of my Legendary Leaders podcast series. Victoria is a coach who helps leaders to bring soul and humanity into the world of business. This involves working 121 with leaders, delivering workshops and talks in medium and large organisations and she runs an intuitive career journey online course.
Victoria shares her philosophy which centres around these 3 key pillars:
·      Self-connection – being able to hear your inner voice above the external noise
·      Purpose – that which inspires you and pulls you in your direction
·      Flow – your way of working and living, welcoming what is rather than chasing what should be
Meet Naily Makangu, my guest on the 18th episode of the Legendary Leaders podcast series. Naily initially trained as a software engineer until she made her move into leadership where she has won best trainer and best leader awards. Naily kicks things off talking about what good leaders look like, she highlights the importance of being visible, supporting others and putting others first, whilst ensuring time for yourself. Ultimately leaders help others to be their best and then get out of their way! 
Naily takes us through the importance of creating an environment that’s fun and open to help you and your team to be the best. In fact, her vision is: “turn your life and workplace into a playground”. For Naily, her focus is on making time for family and friends, exercise and sports and being clear on what’s important to her, what she wants to achieve and what she can’t compromise on. She explains this as being central to living life on her terms and as fully as possible. 
Career wise, Naily works with people in the UK and internationally in a remote way, which is enabling her to move to live in Spain to fulfil her ambition of becoming fluent in Spanish. She touches on not being afraid to say no to things that don’t fit with her too.
Naily talks about the early days and how she managed and dealt with going to college to learn software as an introvert in a male dominated environment, reminding us of the importance of turning up the way we are, and not hiding who we really are.
The Athena Managers Mastermind that Naily is running starts with helping others to understand themselves as well as core groups of behaviour in others and covers leadership theories and how to get best out of your team. The programme is run online for a period of 6 months.
Victoria shares her philosophy which centres around these 3 key pillars:
·      Self-connection – being able to hear your inner voice above the external noise
·      Purpose – that which inspires you and pulls you in your direction
·      Flow – your way of working and living, welcoming what is rather than chasing what should be
Meet Tamara Hofmann who has joined me on the 19th episode of the Legendary Leaders podcast series. Tamara is an executive coach, leadership consultant and trainer, someone I believe you can easily connect with. Tamara shares her journey with us and touches on her idealism and vision of the world and how she arrived at deciding to help people through leadership.
Tamara talks about the issues she encountered working in a heavily male dominated environment which presented practical issues along with requests to adapt her personality to fit in.
Tamara tells us about ‘Lean In’ and its focus is all around female equality. ‘Lean In’ offers mentorship and learning circles where people come together on a topic. The aim is to encourage women to think about themselves and what they want for their lives.
Explaining how she lost her identity when she left the corporate world, Tamara shares with us the fact it took a while to work out who she is, who she wanted to be with and what she wanted to do.
Tamara focuses a lot on choices, explaining that she sees a lot of women who think they don’t have a choice, don’t see the opportunity or are afraid to make a choice. In her words “make a choice, own it and don’t feel guilty about it”.

Lindsay Preston has been given her fair share of lemons in life. But after reaching her lowest point, she turned those lemons into lemonade 

After having her world turned upside down and having to rebuild it, Lindsay learned what it takes to transform her mind and develop an unwavering resilience. Today, she’s teaching other successful women to do the same with Lindsay E Preston Coaching. 

Listen in to hear Lindsay’s story. She shares what she and the other high achieving women she worked with have in common. Find out why, despite the pretty picture the world may see, many of us could be missing out on a fulfilling life because of past trauma and internal roadblocks. Hear what Lindsay is doing to support and build community for women as she shares tips you can start using in your own life, today. 

When Steve Larsen got the urge to take time off, as most of us experience throughout our careers, he realized it wasn’t as simple as walking out the door. However, he didn’t let that stop him.
Despite pouring his efforts into a highly successful financial planning firm, if her were to walk away, he would only be able to pay bills and take care of his family for two weeks without consistent pay. This realization kicked a series of active steps into action that allowed him to plan for a year off in only 8 months. Steps he shares in his upcoming book, Take a Year Off.
Listen in to hear how you can do the same, regardless of your current profession or career. Steve shares his journey of assessing his finances, life goals and taking action. Hear how his year off offered him new perspectives and greater control over his life. As the owner of a 100 million-dollar firm, Steve has no shortage of insights into how you can financially plan for freedom— even when it seems impossible.
Alexandria Agresta and her partners at Purpose Pioneers, are empowering businesses and individuals to grow by embracing the transformative power of purpose, values, empathy and vulnerability.

An international speaker and entrepreneur herself, Alex knows first-hand what it takes to develop as a CEO and leader. Taking a heart centred, connection-based approach- Alex has been able to help countless businesses and teams find the balance between purpose and profit. Hear what she says are the tools to uncover the sweet spot in any business. Also, catch her tips for growing as a leader and making impactful connections, as she shares her secrets for effective public speaking.

Mia O’Gorman is in the business of people. Fulfilled people. 

As an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, she has spent nearly her entire career empowering leaders. Find out today what steps she had to take in developing herself, before she could fully embrace her passion. 

After pouring effort and endless hours into work at the start of her career, Mia started to notice a shift in her values. As she took on more responsibilities and roles, she found herself venturing further and further away from what excited her. Taking a trying leap of faith, she ventured out into freelancing, betting it all on her desire for freedom and growth.

Today, she sits down to share what she’s learned personally and professionally about the development of leaders. With her wealth of experience, Mia offers insights on transitioning employees and leaders of all levels. Listen in to find out how you can be sure your career is aligning with your values and passions.

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